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Angela Gheorghiu in conversation with Marius Constantinescu, VIDEO interview on TVR 1, Jan 15

It's a "must watch". TVR 1, Sunday, January 15 at 3:50pm (GMT+2). It's in Romanian. The interview was filmed in Bucharest in November last year. If you remember Profil, poveste, personaj broadcast back in 2009, then you need no other reason to watch.

TVR 1 has no online streaming available on their website, but hope you can watch it on DolceTV. I don't know if the streaming of this website is available outside Romania. 


  1. Dear Irina, Angela talked about a concert in Vienna for "the new year". Have you heard of this ?

  2. Annie, this was mentioned in an interview last year, but I guess nothing happened as no newspaper wrote about it.