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VIDEO - "Nu mai e timp", released today



  1. I already sent you a post aboiut the video Irina. Is there a possible translation coming soon?!!! Thank you

  2. I wanted to say I love this. I love Angela's pop stuff. She looks and sounds gorgeous. I like the video too. Thanks for posting, Tracey x

  3. Thanks Irina. She goes with the pop music and the result goes well. She looks enjoy singing. The song is nice, the video more. Though I don't understand the lyric, someone on youtube translated a bit and I like it. ;)

  4. Draga Irina,
    Iti doresc sa ai mult mult sa te bucuri de iubire, muzica si toate minunatiile care asteapta sa le descoperi!
    La multi ani!

  5. La multi ani draga Irina!
    Iti doresc sa te fii sanatoasa, sa ai parte de bucurii alaturi de cei dragi,sa iubesti si sa fii iubita,si sa ai parte( vorba Ruxandrei)de multa muzica minunata.Chris

  6. Hello Irina,
    I go to the page to see the video and... how? is your birthday? then... happy birthday!! (a bit late)
    If not is your birthday.... sorryyyy... I saw "la multi ani" and... I saw also these words on AGheorghiu's facebook on her birthday...

  7. @Ruxandra, Chris,
    Multumesc pentru urari. Sper ca anul asta sa fie plin de muzica.

    @Anonymous. Yes, it was my bday. Thanks for your wishes!

  8. good, I have not mistaken!. I will be grateful also because I will learn other languages following your blog, sure!. Incredible, I've always suspended languages ​​at school!, hahahaha
    Irina, that you are happy! un saludo :)

  9. scumpul meu Dan Bitman ,care este in inima mea DE 20 ANI, pentru Angela Gheorghiu,ce ati creat impreuna reprezinta viata mea de azi,de acum, din aceasta clipa...melodia voastra este cu ce incep ziua de azi si de maine....cred ca a fost facuta special pentru mine....asa simt... VA MULTUMESC DIN SUFLET PENTRU ACEST DAR.....