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Angela Gheorghiu in conversation with Marius Constantinescu @TVR1 - part 1, in English

Recorded in November 2011 and broadcasted in January 2012 on TVR 1, this interview is worth watching because of its warmth. It's a friendly conversation that goes beyond the regular interviews. It's not about the questions themselves (as we might have heard them before) but how they are asked. 

You would have expected a long reading, wouldn't you? Well, for this interview I moved on to the next level - SUBTITLES. Watch + listen + read = whole picture :)

Start the video and CC will show up, meaning the subtitles are on.

YouTube has another trick. It automatically translates the English subtitles into different other languages. Like this: left click on CC - Translate captions - choose your preferred language - ta-daaam, French, Spanish, whatever you want. Even if the translation is not perfect, you'll get the idea. 
If the font is too small/big: left click on CC - Settings - +/-

Enjoy the interview. This is Part 1. Three more to follow.



  1. My mother! Thank you for all these interviews, I am going to listen to them now, hands to the work!

  2. ok, ok, ok, I will wait for part two, and again you have done the translation? you're some kind of "luck" for me, thanks again!, and in addition the interview with the "Suzel buon di"! I will change the lyrics into: "Irina thanks!" ;)

  3. Oh my! Genius! Thank you so much Irina! anne x

  4. I went back to his blog to find the videos and ...
    Oh Irina... what a pity! lo siento de veras
    (I had to have downloaded before!)

    1. sorry, “your” I wanted to say was “your blog”;)
      Because I know, how difficult it is to translate the words that I want to say in other language, I admire your work of translation, thank you Irina always!