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Entrada en el paraiso

Teatro Colon announced the concert on April 11 on their website. The tickets don't seem to be on sale yet.

In the meantime you can check out the interactive seat plan which shows the view to and from the stage from any seat category in the venue. As fun fact, the top floor of the theatre (in light blue) is called "Paraiso" (Paradise). I wonder why...



  1. yes, in Spain also is the place "Paraiso" hahaha but here is still worse because we call also this place "gallinero" (henhouse) hahaha

    (I envy the Argentine people because the couple will go there)

  2. With Colon, Gheorghiu is walking literally in the footsteps of Callas...A badger of world class recognition, not that she needs (yet another) one...My only dream is that she does Norma on stage before retiring + a "Bellini heroines" CD.

  3. May all your wishes come true, dear Anonymous :)