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Last night in Essen, with PHOTOS

Photos @Arno F. Thanks, and also thank you for the nice words that came with the photos.

5 encores: I could have danced all night, Estrellita (not sure), tenor's encore, Granada and Brindisi (duet).
The queue for autographs lasted till after midnight and everybody went home with a smile on their faces.

And some reviews in today's newspapers:
* Viva la Diva in Emsdettener Volkszeitung
* Ahlener Zeitung


  1. Thanks Irina and many thanks to the photographer, AGheorghiu is great!

    1. I was at the Essen concert last night and the top two photographs are not from this concert - the bottom two are. She wore a black ostrich feather dress.
      Anyhow, she was absolutely fantastic and we were luck enough to be in the middle of the second row.
      Viva Diva!!!

    2. The three photos are definitely from the concert; I was there, and Angela Gheorghiu wore three robes, a white one in the first half and that black one you described and that blue and red shimmering one you see above. And I see the wooden background in the Philharmonie, were I have often performed myself as a choir member.
      Besides: Angela sang the concert with a very fine sound and good intonation and superb breath control and
      was very nice and patient during the signing after the concert (end about 22:30), which lasted to 30 min after midnight !

    3. Indeed, Angela wore these three gowns that evening in that order !! I saw the all three, also sitting on the second row !!!
      Thank you so much for these pictures !!!

  2. Sure, many many thanks to the photographer.
    There are many other new photos on A's facebook fanpage.