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New interview preceding the concert in Essen on Feb 11

Published today in Der Westen. As it's in German, google translate might be useful.



  1. perfect! thanks Irina

  2. I thought I'll let you know that a piece of news discussing Angela's Washington concert in March stated that some of her future engagements include: LUCIA DI LAMERMOOR, DON CARLOS, MANON LESCAUT, LUCREZIA BORGIA, ETC. So she is moving on to new stage repertoire...I'd love to see her as Lucia (Angela as live coloratura!) and Elisabeta (if Ileana Cotrubas did it and she did it so well despite being a light lyric soprano, so can Angela, with her stronger voice).

  3. That was probably an extract from her biography (not the current version, but the one before that), which stated these operas as future engagements. She specifically said on one occasion that she would never sing Lucia di Lammermoor, and in a recent Romanian interview she said Don Carlo might be a possibility, but only in the 4-act version. In the same interview Angela said she would sing Manon Lescaut, but I've never seen any reference to Lucrezia Borgia so far.