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Part 4, in English - Angela Gheorghiu in conversation with Marius Constantinescu @TVR1

The ending of the interview on TVR1. Better later than never :)  Just click on play and the subtitles will start.
I almost know by heart the questions and answers. But it was very enjoyable. And now that I finished this one, I'm waiting for a new one to come.

If you missed the first three parts, they are here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


  1. the interview ends well, I'm glad, and, not only well, better, with Plácido-Otello, is a bit old our Plácido, but what a good Otello!. I enjoyed the interview much, multumesc y gracias por todo

  2. Thank you so much Irina. Without you, we would not have seen and heard this wonderful interview. Such great work Tracey xxx

  3. Wonderful ! Thank you very much.