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"Dos leyendas de hoy", interview in Cantabile magazine

On the occasion of Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna's concert at Teatro Colon Buenos Aires on April 11, the Argentinean magazine "Cantabile" published this interview. I mentioned it some time ago as it is also available online. But it's nice to see the layout in the paper magazine. It's the March-April issue and it's available for free. If you go to the concert, you'll find it. 

Dear Marcelo, thanks for the scans ;) Enjoy the concert!

Click on the photos to get the larger size.




1 comment:

  1. I will consider myself the luckiest guy on Earth if they come togethr again singing on the world great opera stages. They are two magnificent couple Angela & Roberto good luck and never come apart again. You are the God's chosen tenor and soprano! Indestructible Couple!