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More videos from Teatro Colon

The uploader got to part 2 :)

Enjoy! And Happy Easter!

Tosca - Mario , Mario , Mario ...Son qui!

Ebben, ne andro lontana

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  1. Silvana Marini15/4/12 7:48 PM

    Indeed it was a magical evening.

    I was at the third row and when Angela G. and Roberto A. showed up, I saw a group of chileans holding up a small paper saying something like "Chile loves you".

    When I saw the tenderness with which Angela G. and Roberto A. treated them, I thought that they would be happy to know that Brazil was also represented there that night.

    Despite of all the personal difficulties I faced to get there, I now feel that indeed I could never have missed this incredible opportunity! In this single and unique concert in Latin America, I was able to hear what, to me, is the most "bela voce" ever known! What a privilege!

    Dear Angela Gheorghiu, please come to Latin America more often!

    Silvana Marini (from Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil).