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La Boheme, as it sounded back then

I wish I had the ROH 1992 performance. Still looking for it.

But I have the April 13, 1996 Met performance of La Boheme. Pretty close. In house recording with excellent sound. 

Angela Gheorghiu as Mimi
Roberto Alagna as Rodolfo
Karita Mattila as Musetta
William Shimell as Marcello

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra conducted by Simone Young

Here you have some fragments.

The ending of the first act - Si, mi chiamano Mimi... O soave fanciulla...

and the second part of my-all-time-favorite third act Donde lieta usci.... Dunque e proprio finita...

Tonight there's the first of the two La Boheme at Royal Opera House. Thinking of you!



  1. Thanks for sharing. These arias are beautiful. I always listened to say that the tenor role in La Bohème was more interesting than the soprano role, but is when I listen Angela Gheorghiu is when I think it cannot be. She do her role the most interesting. She is of course a good soprano, but too an excellent actress.
    And... sure, waiting for a chronic-please of tonight.

  2. Her voice and her interpretation are far more better now than in 1996... and in 1996 she was already a prodigy!
    Pasquale A. M.

  3. it seems that this has been recorded in a hospital for people with tuberculosis! What a shame!