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La Boheme @ROH - VIDEO

Source: ITV News
Short & lovely footage from the rehearsal of La Boheme at Royal Opera House a few days ago + interview (1 minute only considering that the tv crew went to ROH, wired up all that gear? Don't get it. She had both of them there but she preferred writing a long (with small mistakes here and there and with a less inspired title) article rather than using the footage shot. Hmm... Maybe it's just me...)


  1. Thank you.
    Although the article is very bad. The journalist has taken something of life of both and has filled the article with a "cut-paste"!
    Why not to do an interview in conditions?
    Alagna is good for a interview, he talks a lot, and the answers of Gheorghiu in interviews are excellent.
    Bad journalist, lazy...

  2. Yes I agree with you, Irina, but for those of us who don't have the privilege of seeing them in real life together (which I've waited a looong time for) than this is better than nothing. We'll take what we can get!
    But yes, I though the interview would be like, 10 minutes. Maybe someday we'll find the uncut footage.

  3. No matter how many times I've seen that opera, that music still gets to me. Thanks for sharing.