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Martha @71

"Again Martha?" you might  say. Yes, again and again. YouTube is an endless spring of videos that put together reveal her entire career. An impressive and lasting one. She'll be 71 on June 5 and she's still playing. Happy birthday and long life ahead!

Last nigh I found the entire Rachmaninov Piano Concert §3 uploaded on YT. I thought to share it. If Santa asked me what I want, I'd say "wanna listen to Martha live again". Not that I haven't tried in the past years. But she's very unpredictable regarding cancellations. Someday...


Rachmaninov §3 - back in the 70s, Martha Argerich and Riccardo Chailly


Ravel's "Mother goose" - Martha Argerich and Lang Lang, performing together at the beginning of this year

And of course my favorite video, her 1966 performance of Chopin's Polonaise N°6


Have a great weekend!


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