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My Boheme

Angela Gheorghiu, Roberto Alagna, Nuccia Focile
Curtail call La Boheme, June 23

More to come...



  1. ANGELA & ROBERTO = The best couple of the opera in the world ! A lovely "Bohema",last night.

  2. ... perfect, waiting ...

  3. Totally disagree. Georghiu often sang too fast, the orchestra was not in time with the singers and Alagna forgot his words. Got better by Act 3 but it was far from a lovely Boheme.

  4. Două voci absolut fermecătoare, un cuplu de vis pe oricare scenă din lume, mulţumim Angela & Roberto !

  5. I'm afraid to say I agree that the orchestra was often not in time with the singers and this performance did not give me the same thrill i usually feel.I felt uneasy and worried that it was all going to come apart. Angela still the best Mimi however. The voice, the emotion, just lovely.

  6. I don't think it's such a big deal if Roberto forgot a few words. It was so insignificant that it was barely noticeable. If the orchestra was not in time with the singers, it might have happened once or twice, but again, it was something that was not so important in the big scheme of things. It was, indeed, a lovely "Boheme"!