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I was extremely impressed by Berlioz's Les Troyens at Royal Opera House. Anna Caterina Antonacci was out of this world portraying Cassandra. Since I attended her recital at Wigmore Hall two years ago I've been waiting to listen to her live in a production. She was a-ma-zing! Brian Hymel and Eva Maria Westbroek did a great job singing those endless duets and arias. And McVicar's horse head was the sensation of the evening. I could talk hours about what I saw, the feelings, Pappano, the sets, the chorus, the 34 violins and violas playing like one, the drama in the voices. Many would think it's crazy to resist to more than 4 hours of music (all in all the performance lasted 5 hours and 45 minutes). It's not, if everything it's well done.  I'd do it again anytime if I had the chance.

Got back home and listened again to some arias and duets. I got stuck in this one, Nuit d'ivresse. There are so many versions on YouTube. The one above is only audio, part of Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna's 1996 Duets and arias CD. It's not easy listening because it's long, but it's sooooo beautiful. Give it a try. 

And also listen to:
Janet Baker and Jon Vickers version of Nuit d'ivresse (as suggested by my friend)
Anna Caterina Antonacci - Les Grecs ont disparu (Cassandre's aria in act I)

Have a marvelous weekend!

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  1. It's a beautiful duet and, as a matter of fact, I remember Angela and Roberto were once asked in an interview what their favourite love duet is. They both answered at the same time: it's definitely 'Nuit d'ivresse'.