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"Adriana Lecouvreur" @Carnegie Hall - VIDEO

This video from the performance in New York in 2011 has just popped up on YouTube. Saw it video and remembered that Adriana in concert I attended in Berlin in 2010. For me, that was THE Adriana. I enjoyed the ones at ROH too, but the first one had a little extra something. Many asked how come, because it was a concert version. It was magic.  Magic is unexplainable. One have to live it to fully understand. In the end I couldn't stand up. Couldn't speak, couldn't do anything. Simply amazing. No sets, no costumes, no lighting. Just the voices, Angela Gheorghiu and Jonas Kaufmann.

There are more videos from this performance on YouTube, including Poveri fiori and Adriana's monologue. To the person who filmed...thumbs up! This is collectible stuff.


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