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Angela Gheorghiu as Liu in Turandot, MET 1996

This audio recording popped up on YouTube a few days ago. It's a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House on February 17 or 22, 1996. 

Turandot - Ghena Dimitrova
CalŠ°f - Lando Bartolini
Liu - Angela Gheorghiu
Timur - Dimitri Kavrakos
Ping - Earle Patriarco
Pang - Michael Forest
Pong - Anthony Laciura
Emperor Altoum - Charles Anthony

Conductor - Nello Santi

If you're looking for Signore, ascolta, jump to 00:23:40 (act I). Tu che di gel sei cinta is at 01:29:00 (act III)


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  1. what a nice surprise of weekend! Thanks Irina!