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Something I like. Martha Argerich. Off stage.

Stephanie Argerich, Martha's youngest of her three daughters, made this short film in 2011. Have no idea if there's more than this. But these 8 minutes reveal what Martha has always hidden. Her off stage life. Seen here through the eyes of her daughter. Some things about how it is to be an artist and a mother and how the daughter understood and accepted her mother-hero's way of living.

Stephanie says: 

"At my age, 34, my mother has already been married and divorced twice, had three daughters and won first prize at several international competitions and was already a legendary pianist. I've always liked to be the kind of person that watches from the shadow. Spotlights are for giants, like my mother". 

"She travelled a great deal. And lived mostly at night. As little girl, I lived in a rather special world in which my mother was a super heroine. I often travelled with her and lived at the same pace as her often stayed awake until the very early hours"

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