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Gheorghiu: è il mio periodo «zen»

Il Giornale published today an article/interview with Angela Gheorghiu. Mrs Franini calls her "la tigre del palcoscenico" (the tigress of the stage). An unsuccessful attempt to be original...

In brief, the article speaks of La Boheme at La Scala, future plans including Manon Lescaut at San Francisco Opera in 2013 and peace of mind: Ho imparato qualcosa, nel corso degli anni. Ho capito che mi fa bene essere in armonia con il mondo. Dopo vent'anni di carriera credo di aver dimostrato qualcosa, e ciò mi dà un'ulteriore tranquillità 

The article is in Italian. Bing will help you reading.


  1. Thank you Irina ! The interview of Angela is the same that in the Italian magazine "Classic Voice" of July...

  2. It must have been beautiful yesterday evening...
    Now we got to know that she will also sing Manon Lesacut. It will suit her well!
    Does anyone know something about the Norma with Veronesi? Wasn´t it planned for summer 2012 on Sicily?
    And what about the Aida recording with Kaufmann and pappano. Did it already take place or when this will happen?

  3. I'm so happy she will be singing Manon Lescaut with Roberto at SF Opera! I'm glad they've worked everything out- while I love both of their voices individually, I just love them both even more when they're together. It's just magical!

  4. Angela & Roberto, the great couple of the opera world !