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Interview at Tosca DVD launch - VIDEO

Interview (5 parts, all in all about 50 minutes) taken yesterday during the Milanese launch of Tosca DVD. About Tosca, the  cast,   Homage to Maria Callas, Angela Gheorghiu's first masterclass in Tuscany in Summer, the world of divas, Sir Georg Solti and q&a in the end. Interviewer, Gianluca Bauzano.

Time to brush up your Italian. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you Irina ! There are 4 parts of this interview, very interesting (seeYouTube).

  2. My Italian isn't great- does she say anything about Roberto at all? Thank you so much for posting these, Irina!

  3. 5 parts, not 4, as I mentioned before ! Yes, she speaks about Roberto : their marriage, the first DVD of Tosca, the fact that she wanted to make CDs with Roberto immediately when she met him, and that she saw Roberto singing Macbeth at La Scala. Very interesting interview !

  4. What does she say about Edith Piaf?

  5. Angela says simply that, even if she was reborn again, she could not make a career in the "pop", such as Edith Piaf for example. She says that the "pop" is another type of music, but that she admires all the artists who have a great career.

  6. I think this is one of the interviews where Angela feels comfortable with the questions, with the public, you can see that in her answers, even though there are many known things that were said in previous instances. I liked her answer about singing Lady Macbeth :-)