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Tosca #2 in San Francisco, November 18

Picture this: the moment of silence before Vissi d'arte in act two. The orchestra waits for the director to make the sign, Tosca is sitted on the sofa in the center of the stage. Scarpia is standing next to his desk on the left. There's a bright spotlight making Tosca's red dress glow. Another pale spotlight on Scarpia and the rest of the stage almost in darkness. Then she starts singing, making the emotion, sadness and passion almost tangible. She stands for the last part of the aria, making it even more intense. It's more than listening. It's about feeling the moment with every pore. It was beautiful. I close my eyes and I see the entire scene over and over again. I say bye-bye real world, hello my fluffy white cloud. If you need me, I'll be there, floating for the next two days.

Some more photos to come soon


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