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VIDEO - Tosca preview

Now you can put a sound to the images. A two minute video posted on the YouTube page of San Francisco Opera.



  1. It seems that Angela was ill yesterday evening, and that she sang only the first act. Do you have news ?

  2. I heard that they took hear to an hospital I am à bit worried.

  3. Another thing, dear Irina : you mentioned that Angela will be on the radio "Classic 91.5" today. But I don't hear any interview from her on this radio... Do you know why ? Thank you for your answer !
    Concerning the performance of Tosca on November 15, I have read on several newspapers that her health is better now, and that she will sing to-morrow. Good news !

  4. I have now heard the interview of Angela on the radio "Classical 91.5". It was yesterday at 3 p.m. (New York hour !). This interview was made in June in London, during the rehearsal of La Bohème with Roberto. We heard many extracts of operas sung by Angela, with little interviews of Angela between the extracts, concerning these roles. It was very nice, but nothing new...