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Time to say.. thank you

It's that time of the year when people usually draw a line. To see if this year was better than the previous one, too see if what they wished for 364 days ago came true. 

All my operatic wishes came true. Either lucky or very well organized (and thank God for a very understanding boss) I managed to travel many times this year. The result? Imagine a box full of beautiful music, strong emotions that literally get me in another world, lots of Mi chiamano Mimi, lots (but never enough) of Vissi d'arte, incontrollable tears, the smell of the dust on stage, opera tickets, flight tickets, programs, the sound of the applauses, bits of dialogues with friends from all over the world, hugs I would never want to end, the kindest smile I'll ever see, the fluffy, white cloud I live on after each performance. The box is in my heart, full of memories dear to me. 

Dear Angela, thank you so much for all these. I'm so grateful that I don't have enough words to say it. Without you, without your amazing voice, my world, our world, would have been different, common and dull. Instead, as you do your magic, it turns into a colored and joyful one. I think all the fans would agree on this. I don't usually talk this much and you have probably heard this millions of times, but I thought it wouldn't hurt reading once more. And I truly mean it, with all my heart. I wish you so much peace of mind and happiness as you give to all of us!

Happy New Year!

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