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As never seen before

These phrase spread on the internet this morning when newspapers discovered these beautiful photos on Facebook, referring to Angela Gheorghiu's choice of wearing traditional Romanian costumes for this photo shooting. Tend to think Romanians are very attached to their country no matter what they say, they get nostalgic all the time and really, really appreciate a high profile person speaking so nicely about her home country. 

Honest, heartfelt and signed, the statement generated some thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. See for yourselves:
Wherever I go, I take my loved ones with me. Some are in the concert halls, but most of them are in my heart. We meet every time I come back to my native country. I revisited the Peles Castle, a place that reminds me that my largest family is, in fact, Romania. With this photo shooting I wanted to show again to the world how beautiful my country is and how much I cherish it. (Facebook)

The photo shooting took place at the Peles Castle, in Romania. Could this be turned into a series of photo shootings in different spots in Romania? They would certainly do lots of good to image promotion and bonding to a unique place.

May I have a fav? Sure, the photo below. Be sure to check out the other photos on the Facebook and official website.

Photo: Cosmin Gogu. Source: Angela Gheorghiu's official website

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