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NEW - Recital in Los Angeles, March 17

Thought I'm gone? well, no. Still here. It took me some time to fix the bugs on the blog. The slideshow is working again and there's direct access to press and career sections. 

New recital announced recently on the other side of the pond. Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, California. March 17. Tickets are already on sale on the website of the venue. It's a small venue so hurry up!



  1. Thank you Irina for the good news!
    I was really worried about your absence.
    Ițm glad everything is OK.
    Have a nice week!

  2. There is a small mistake on the schedule: the concert in LA is on March, 17th.
    On 4th May there's a concert in Helsinki.
    request: If I remember correctly Angela announced also a concert in Vienna.I'd be very grateful if you announce the date( in case you know it).Thank you very much.Chris

  3. Thanks, made the change. Helsinki was not yet confirmed on the official website. No Vienna...yet

  4. Thank you Irina, I am looking forward to finding out the date for Vienna concert. Big hug, Chris.