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Operas on YouTube

Just when I was about to say that nobody thought of gathering all the operas posted on youtube in one place I found this blog, Operas on YouTube. Hundreds of hours of music, different versions of the same opera (there are 12 Carmens, 12 Elisirs, 9 Don Pasquales, 15 Trovatores, 14 Rigolettos and no more, no less than 30 Traviatas). 

It's not exactly fair for the artists to have the entire production posted online, referring especially to the newer productions, instead of people buying the DVDs, but for those can't get to a particular opera house or were born too late to see all these amazing artists performing live, this is gold. 

Glad to find here several versions of Bellini's Maria Stuarda. Currently listening to it in preparation for the MET broadcast on Jan 19. I really appreciate JDD's mezzo voice and can't wait to listen to her performing the title role. She used to sing Elisabeta but now she took the big step in singing one of Bellini's queens. So this is my weekend's delight.

Sit back, hit the play button and enjoy yourselves! Have a great Saturday!


  1. Many thanks for your work, it's great! Saludos desde Barcelona!

  2. MERCI BEAUCOUP depuis Paris !!