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VIDEO - Angela Gheorghiu's masterclass in July 2012

Did the happy dance today. This video is pure gold. It's Angela Gheorghiu's masterclass held in Italy last Summer.
Lucky those people who had the chance to learn from Angela, to absorb each and every piece of advice like a sponge. Lots of Handel, followed by Rossini, Puccini, Verdi and bits of Mozart in the end. What do I see here? Five arias, four young singers eager to improve, a big smile, a genuine talent for teaching and a tone of patience to take each aria note by note and to explain what's the best way to sing it, to make it perfect. 

Take E strano..Follie..Sempre libera (around 36:30) for example. You know me, I like to know what's behind the final product, behind the aria delivered on stage, the research, the hard work. So I found out where to breathe, how to support the notes, how the singer should preserve her strength to be able to finish this difficult aria, how to pay extra attention to each sound, how to sing the words as they are pronounced, to make them understandable for the audience, how to be confident in order to make people live the music. 

Looking forward to the Masterclass #2!



  1. On this special day, I send you my best wishes!
    I am very grateful to you and I appreciate all your work on this wonderful blog. I am sure that all Angela's admirers feel the same.
    Thank you again!

  2. Irina thank you very much for sharing this video because I'm lucky to see it!.

    How difficult it must be to teach someone what is innate for oneself. I think Angela Gheorghiu's Violetta goes out of inside to outside without explanation, can't be learned.

    But more masterclasses, sure!