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Program for the recital in Los Angeles on March 17

As published on TheBroadStage. Something to dream of but too far away to be there in person. I'll have some pairs of eyes and ears there, I'm sure

First part:
1. "Le grillon" - J.Ph. Rameau
2. "Plaisir d'amour" - Jean Paul Martini
3. "Chant d'amour" - G. Bizet
4. "Mandoline" - Gabriel Fauré
5. "Nuit d'etoiles" - C. Debussy
6. "Tristesse" - F. Chopin
7. Piano only
8. "How fair this spot" - S. Rachmaninoff
9. "A dream" - S. Rachmaninoff
10."Spring waters" - S. Rachmaninoff


Second part:
11."Flori albe" - Sabin Dragoi
12."Mugurii" - Martian Negrea
13."De ce nu-mi vii" - Gheorghe Dima
14."Crizanteme" - Sabin Dragoi
15."Languir me fais" - George Enescu
16 "Estenne de la rose" - George Enescu
17."Aux damoyselles paresseuses" - George Enescu
18."Mandrulita de la munte" - Gheorghe Stefanescu
19."Bade, pentru ochii tai" - Tiberiu Brediceanu
20."Vai badita, dragi ne-avem" - Tiberiu Brediceanu
21."Pe sub flori ma leganai" - Tiberiu Brediceanu
22."Cine m-aude cantand" - Tiberiu Brediceanu
23."Floricica de pe apa" - Tiberiu Brediceanu
24."Ochi albastri-s dragalasi" - Eduard Caudella

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful program!
    I hope they record this!