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PHOTOS - Recital in Bacau, April 26

I could have danced all night! And still have begged for more... the last words of the encore song and the roaring of the audience of around 1800 brought me back from my dream to the real world. I found myself sitting in front of the stage with the heart beating like crazy. The one hour and fifteen minutes of beautiful music passed by like a blink of an eye. What had just happened?
Then as if on rewind mode I started remembering the songs, one by one, Les chemins de l'amour, a song that she and Dan Grigore performed for the first time many years ago, O, mio babbino caro, then five Romanian songs that set on fire the entire venue. There was the cheerful song by Caudella, Ochii albastri-s dragalasi, Brediceanu's Floricica de pe apa, Mandrulita de la munte by Stephanescu, another piece by Brediceanu, Bade pentru ochii tai and Crizanteme by Sabin Dragoi. The audience simply loved them. Maybe because of the language, maybe because the extra touch of emotions enclosed in them.
Rewinding... I also remembered a piece by George Enescu, then Rachmaninov's Spring Waters and the surprise voice coming from everywhere during Rachmaninov's Vocalise. Another favorite of mine, Chopin's Tristesse, Elegie by Massenet, Martini's Plaisir d'amour and Le grillon by Rameau. Then I closed my eyes and focused on the moment she first entered the stage in that beautiful, sparkling, black dress, determined to make everyone live in a dream. 

Angela Gheorghiu and Dan Grigore

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Moscow, here she comes!

Angela Gheorghiu will perform on June 11, 2013 at the Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow, Russia. Spotted on the poster, Romanian countertenor Cezar Ouatu. This means the program will slightly change, adding to the regular songs some baroque flavor and some soprano/countertenor duets? Will see... and hear. I'm totally in for new stuff.

Lucky Russians! This Queens of Opera festival is a real treat. The tickets are on sale on

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Concert at Opera Royal Versailles, November 12

Les grandes voix has just announced its 2013 - 14 season. What a feast!

Angela Gheorghiu will perform at the Opera Royal Versailles on November 12, with tenor Atalla Ayan  and the Bohuslav Martinu Orchestra conducted by Tiberiu Soare.

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Speaking of the Proms... back in 2003

Here's Angela's performance at the Last Night of the Proms on September 13,  2003
*Catalany - La Wally: Ebben, ne andro lontana
*Gounod - Faust: Oh dieu, que de bijoux
*Leoncavallo - I Pagliacci: Stridono lassu

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Proms 2013

The program for 2013 was announced yesterday. I devoured it because I consider it's fantastic to gather so many orchestras, soloists and conductors in one place for almost two months. If I were in London, I think I'd go every day.
So, lots of Wagner (the Ring in concert conducted by Barenboim with Nina Stemme in three out of four operas... sort of 1 Wagner every 2 days... sort of 750 minutes of Wagner...), drops of Verdi (thanks to Sir Tony), lots of Britten, baroque, recitals, modern music, film music, there's something for each taste. The festivities end with Joyce di Donato reigning over the Last Night of the Proms at Royal Albert Hall and Joseph Calleja conquering Hyde Park during the Proms in the Park, both on September 7.

Take a cup of coffee (a big one) and start making plans for Proms 2013.

Have a great weekend!

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Recital in Bacau, Romania, April 26

April 26 in Bacau, Romania, starting 8:30pm. Special guest, the renowned Romanian piano player Dan Grigore.

Angela Gheorghiu: It's the first time I'm invited to perform in another Romanian city besides Bucharest. Having the full support of the City Hall, the Theatre had a daring idea. I'm extremely happy that I can perform for the people in Moldavia. I was born in Adjud, only 50km away from Bacau, which counted a lot in accepting the invitation. My mother will attend and this is my way of honoring her, as artist and daughter. I know that people from all over the country will come. I'm very excited and eager to meet you all so close to my birth place (source: Angela Gheorghiu's official website)

More info on tickets you could find by calling the box office of the "George Bacovia" Theatre in Bacau.
Source: Angela Gheorghiu's official website

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La Rondine from ROH live on BP Big Screens, July 11

This Summer's FREE, BP screenings include Puccini's La Rondine LIVE from the Royal Opera House on July 11 at 7:30pm, starring Angela Gheorghiu and Charles Castronovo

It's such a great news that so many people can enjoy this beautiful production. The screenings will be available not only in London but also in towns across the UK. There are more details on the website of the Royal Opera.

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VIDEO - Angela Gheorghiu on La Rondine at ROH

It's one of the most difficult operas I've ever sung [...] Puccini saved me, I didn't die in the end. [...] It's a sad story but I'm still alive. [...] I like this opera because everybody can dream of the future said Angela Gheorghiu in the short video promoting La Rondine at the Royal Opera House opening on July 5.

Tickets for all the performances are available on ROH website

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AUDIO - recital at the Athenaeum in Bucharest, April 6

Angela Gheorghiu was the guest star of the concert that took place at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest this Saturday. At the piano, maestro Dan Grigore.

Lots of photos on the official Facebook fan page and official website

Here's how it sounded like. Remember, a beautiful venue, dim lighting, a piano and the most beautiful voice in the world. Sit back and enjoy! 

Rachmaninov - Vocalise

Rachmaninov - A Dream

Rachmaninov - Spring Waters

Puccini - O, mio babbino caro

Poulenc - Les chemins de l'amour

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General booking for La Rondine at ROH - April 9

Just a short reminder. The tickets for La Rondine at the Royal Opera House for July 2013 go on sale on April 9 at 10am (GMT) on the website of the opera house. As the booking system changed, there's no more queue (even though I sometimes miss the excitement of getting in the queue at #500, wait and hope to get the ticket). Make up your mind on the performance and seat in advance and you'll get what you want.

La Rondine opens on July 5, starring Angela Gheorghiu as Magda (on July 5, 8, 11, 14 and 21), Charles Castronovo as Ruggero, Edgaras Montvidas as Prunier and Sabina PuĂ©rtolas as Liette. Marco Armiliato is conducting the orchestra of the Royal Opera House.

I have my favorite, perfect seat in the house. I hope to get it. 

Happy shopping!

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Music, emotions, applauses this evening in Bucharest

The event tonight was three times special. It was a mixture of music and conversation with good friends which is not to often found here. It took place in the Athenaeum, the most beautiful venue we have in Bucharest and it was packed (around 850 people). And the phenomenal ending centered on Angela Gheorghiu. Even if  everyone knew she's the guest of the event, her appearance on stage was a total surprise. Without any introduction, on dim lights, Dan Grigore started playing a tune on the piano and after a few minutes her voice could be heard from backstage, in the speakers. The song was Vocalise by Rachmaninov. It was like her voice was coming from everywhere. People in the audience looked around searching for the source of the sound and applauded as loud as they could when she came on stage. 
Next song was also a Rachmaninov. Followed by O, mio babbino caro. Even if I heard it hundreds of time, still love it, it still makes my heart beating fast. There were pure feelings delivered to the audience. I'll keep this moment close to my soul as I lived every sound of it. Standing ovations in the end, everyone was so happy to see her there and to have the opportunity to listen to her live. The last song was Les chemins de l'amour by Poulenc. 

Voice + piano = love. I can't get enough of it!

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If a photo could speak...

I bought The One magazine, saw the photo and left the magazine open on my desk at work the entire day. It was too beautiful to close it. I saw something beyond the classy outfit and hairdo. It's the attitude. This photo says "this is who I am, strong, confident, optimist, smiling, passionate, elegant, I'm among the best in the world of opera, I make people dream, I deliver emotions and receive love, energy and ten times more excitement, dare me to get the best out of me, care for me as I give my life on stage". 
That's my Angela!

Angela Gheorghiu. Photo @Ionut Macri for The One magazine
See the other photos on the Facebook Page and on the official website.

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The Solti Centenary Concert out on DVD&Blu Ray

The DVD and Blu Ray will be out in stores and online stores on April 8 (Europe) and on April 30 (USA).

Available for preorder on: - DVD - Blu ray - DVD - Blu ray - DVD - Blu ray

The Solti Centenary Concert in Chicago celebrated Sir Georg Solti’s 100th birthday on October 21, 2012, featuring the World Orchestra for Peace. This unique ensemble owes its existence to the vision of its founder, Sir Georg Solti, who believed passionately in peace and the power of music and musicians to be ambassadors for peace. Charmingly hosted by Solti’s widow, Lady Solti, and featuring soloists such as Angela Gheorghiu and RenĂ© Pape as well as members of the Georg Solti Accademia, this memorable evening presents musical highlights, all of which played a significant role in Solti’s life and career (Arthaus Musik)

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Joy is also exhausting - interview in The One, in English

The interview is published in the April issue of One Magazine. As many asked "what is she saying?", here you go. About enjoying life, about singing for pleasure and about how stardom can be both burden and excitement. For copyright issues (the interview is not available online), I only translated parts of it.

The ONE: What are your future plans?
A.G.: The schedule of an important artist is set years in advance, as mine is ready until 2016 – 2017. In a few days I’ll be in Los Angeles for a recital, then I’ll go to Covent Garden, I’ll have a concert at Royal Festival Hall… I want to be healthy, to have strength because I’m not machinery. I always say I don’t wake up like this, with the make up and hairdo, each step I make is carefully prepared.
All I do is to be an artist on the stage, very well prepared each time, and I like to be always surprising. From my point of view, the repertoire can surprise the audience and I’m also to prepare pieces of music for those who might not have heard of Angela Gheorghiu. I want to make people aware of the gift I was given, my voice. I consider it a perfect instrument coming from my soul and I share it with you, my audience. But the road of my voice to your hearts is preceded by the work of the composer and librettist. The singer is also important, without him or her works lose their value.

The ONE: How does your family life go together with your fame and the fact you’re a diva?
A.G.: I’m in peace with myself. All the appellations from your question are part of who I am. It’s not an extra effort, everything comes out natural either I’m a friend, lover, colleague. When I’m home I don’t ware make up or fancy outfits, and everybody loves me for who I am. When I go out I’m fully aware that people might be curious as they recognize me. If I see somebody coming towards me, if they want to have a photo taken with me, I don’t feel awkward. I feel confortable. People are looking at me in a certain way and I got used to it. I had to. I don’t know how it is to be a person like any other, I always felt special. When I was young I was Angela Burlacu and I started to sing at 17, my first concert with an orchestra took place at the Romanian Athenaeum. Starting 18, I have been performing with professionals and even if I was still a student, I was considered a professional too. I was very hard working and I felt I was meant to do something.

The ONE: You felt that from the beginning?
A.G.: Yes, I’m not making any effort. But I feel all the eyes watching me. It’s a kind of stress, right? When you know you’re being watched you control yourself, you’re stiffen or you feel this energy everywhere around you. Joy is also exhausting. All these daily emotions… It would be interesting if a journalist could spend a few days with me, or one day only. I have a ritual that exhausts me, from agony to ecstasy: the performance and people’s happiness, the awareness that I have to do my best, to fight the emotions; all these things are energy consuming. If I think of what we did here today, I could say it’s not easy to be Angela Gheorghiu. My mother once told me she would need two hearts to stand the joy. I can imagine what a mother can feel hearing her child asking her all the time to get her the music high school, to do this or that, to listen to her singing all the time. For me Angela = emotions of all kind.

The ONE: Are you still nervous before entering the stage?
A.G.: More and more! I think that all the artists accept that experience does not decrease the nervousness, on the contrary. I’m aware that people have expectations. People coming to the performances know what they’re about to listen to, they have expectations and if I’m not as good as they want me to be, their reaction is obvious to me. Going back to the point when I explained why I don’t want to disappoint anyone, when I’m not well I prefer to stay at home. I admit that I don’t feel well on that precise day and I don’t want the audience to suffer with me.

The ONE: Are you nostalgic? Do you have regrets?
A.G.: Yes, I’m nostalgic. I was nostalgic even when I was 10! I have beautiful memories from my childhood. For example, we had lunch at a three legged, round table with small chairs around it. One of my grandmothers used to put a huge, steamy polenta on the table. I have the feeling I live in a fairy tale and I’m the happiest child in the world. It was an immense joy to decorate the Christmas tree and I felt my home was the most beautiful and the tidiest, that I was the most elegant, I thought I was the center of the universe! Sometimes I was that happy that I needed to go outside, in the garden, to be by myself and enjoy that happiness.

The ONE: What else is to check on your list of accomplishments?
A.G.: I never thought like that. I’m atypical, I don’t ask for contracts, I’m being asked and I can say yes or not. I’m the creator and I can choose the projects. There are fans, people I know, hundreds, even thousands of them. Any artist needs to be admired. That’s for sure. Usually the person in from of me knows who I am. It’s been like this forever, I don’t know who it is like not to be Angela Gheorghiu!

The ONE: What kind of music are you listening to?
A.G.: Music offers me balance from early morning; it’s like a vitamin to me. I listen to all sorts or songs. I like to listen to classical music in the evening. I also enjoy listening to traditional songs from everywhere in the world. But I couldn’t live without classical music. The one who understands and feels the need to listen to classical music is an accomplished person. It is like meeting God and being aware that angels and saints, strong and sensitive people do exist. I remember I was once in New York at lunch honoring Franco Zeffirelli. Jeremy Irons was seated next to me and he joked saying “Make me cry!”We laughed but guess who cried a few days later? He did!

The ONE: Is faith important to you?
A.G.: It is very important, it’s essential. I don’t agree with faith for fear, I don’t do something for fear God will punish me; I genuinely want to offer joy. I’m a very positive and optimist person, I’m not part of those who suffer in order to create.

The ONE: Do you think that for women tolerance comes with age?
A.G.: The key word is harmony. But I’m aware we’re different. In a couple, when you start changing the person next to you according to your ideas, you might be surprised. You must accept and get used to his personality. I like people with strong personalities who know how to live the moment and have something to say, people who can teach me something.

The ONE: What are the indulgences you can’t live without?
A.G.: I can’t live without, I like to be spoiled. I’m not among those who deny it.

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Guest appearance at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest, April 6

During this anniversary gala concert, Dan Grigore and his special guests will present "a high spirited performance of the contemporary Romanian culture". 

Tickets are already on sale on

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Tosca, La Boheme and Adriana Lecouvreur in Vienna in 13/14

Speaking of Vienna, you might already know that Staatsoper Vienna published its 2013/2014 season some days ago. There's a strange booking system here so you should already apply for tickets. Don't go for the cheapest ones as there are small chances to get them. Hint: the tickets for Tosca and La Boheme go on public sale four months before the performances.

The schedule on the blog is now up to date. Check it out!

And we have:

*4 x Tosca in September 2013 (Angela Gheorghiu, Marcelo Alvarez, Zeliko Lucic)
*3 x La Boheme in December 2013 (Angela Gheorghiu, Vittorio Grigolo)
*6 x Adriana Lecouvreur in February/March 2014 (Angela Gheorghiu, Massimo Giordano, Roberto Frontali, Elena Zhidkova)

P.S. Huuuuraaaaaayyyyyy

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