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Recital in Bacau, Romania, April 26

April 26 in Bacau, Romania, starting 8:30pm. Special guest, the renowned Romanian piano player Dan Grigore.

Angela Gheorghiu: It's the first time I'm invited to perform in another Romanian city besides Bucharest. Having the full support of the City Hall, the Theatre had a daring idea. I'm extremely happy that I can perform for the people in Moldavia. I was born in Adjud, only 50km away from Bacau, which counted a lot in accepting the invitation. My mother will attend and this is my way of honoring her, as artist and daughter. I know that people from all over the country will come. I'm very excited and eager to meet you all so close to my birth place (source: Angela Gheorghiu's official website)

More info on tickets you could find by calling the box office of the "George Bacovia" Theatre in Bacau.
Source: Angela Gheorghiu's official website

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