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Angela Gheorghiu, Unlimited - cover story in Forbes magazine

 This article is different from most of the other interviews because of the twinning of the quotations with a very documented text on Angela Gheorghiu's career. I noticed the elegance of the tone and of the phrases. From beginning to end it builds up an aura around the artist, proving how difficult but rewarding being part of the world of music can be, showing how hard it is to get among the best and even harder to stay there for more than twenty years.

The story starts like this: You don't need to read a lot about Angela Gheorghiu or talk too much to her to realize how luxurious her life is. And I'm not talking about the stages she has been performing on, about her fees, about the value of her personal brand or other material goods. In the world of opera, being yourself is a price you have to pay. It's a luxury. Her elder colleagues were saying that after careers of tens of years they were not able to stand against conductors or directors, preferring to cry and suffer in the loneliness of their dressing rooms.

Read the entire piece by Sorana Savu in the printed version of Forbes magazine, out now at news stands in Romania.

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