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NEW - The Prayer, Angela Gheorghiu & Marcel Pavel

Recently recorded and included on "Very Classic", Marcel Pavel's latest album


  1. Irina, in her interview for BBC4 radio posted on her Facebook Angela said: last year (2012) it was offered to me again to sing in Don Carlo at ROH for 2012-2013, but I couldn't accept because I already had other engagements.

    However, I know her schedule very well and she has no operas in her program between 1 December 2012 and 1 July 2013. So, there were no conflicts, really...

  2. Dear Irina, this musicologist from Parterre noticed that Angela committed A MAJOR BLUNDER in her execution of Tu che le vanita in the concert last night. Please read for yourself the full text from parterre:

    OT, but I just came back from a very kitsch concert given by Angela Gheorghiu with Teodor Illincai at London’s Royal Festival Hall. The programming was all over the place, as was quite a lot of her singing -- and in spite of having the score in front of her, there was a major cock-up at one point in ‘Tu che la vanità’ where she came in a bar late and carried on that way for several more bars before it all came back together. (Anja Harteros has nothing to fear from her in that aria!) And she wore three shmattes like you have never seen, including an assymetric black lace number with a false see-through panel, ruching, a tassel, a split up one side and a kind of bracelet thing of black feathers with another piece of lace attached to it. Unbelievable.