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PHOTOS - My Rondine #3, July 21

Did you think I'm done with doing crazy things? Oh, no. I wanted to listen, watch, cry, suffer, be happy and feel the emotions of La Rondine, the last performance of the run. So I went back to London last Sunday to see my third Rondine. To listen to her voice.. my sweet addiction.. 

And it was perfect! I felt like everyone did their best, receiving in the end tons of applauses. Big thank you everyone for your passion and devotion, for making me live in a beautiful world for two hours!

After the performance Angela Gheorghiu signed autographs at the ROH shop. The event was previously announced and about 400 people came. There was a two hours queue and hundreds, well deserved nice words said to her by people amazed by her performance. An outburst of love meant to reward the ardor put in each and every sound. 
There are some photos from the event here

While waiting for the performance to start, during the interval and after, I took some photos. As you have already seen so many pictures from La Rondine, I thought of changing the perspective. Here you go, just to illustrate the atmosphere at the Royal Opera House. These photos (and many others - just click on the first one and the slideshow will open) in bigger size are on my other blog



  1. I am thrilled to hear that Angela is returning in Adrianna Lecouvreur in 2014.

    I was at Sunday's performance too, and it was fine end to the season.

  2. Heeey! Haven't heard anything from you in a long while. Glad you're back! It was indeed the best way to end the season at ROH!

  3. I've been heavily into Wagner this year so La Rondine was a welcome change of tone.