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BBC Radio 3 spread the Romanian Christmas carols feeling

After being reviewed in Gramophone Magazine, Angela's Romanian Christmas carols CD amazed the BBC Radio 3 producer, Rob Cowan. Isn't that great?

He didn't choose to broadcast the singles already released but a new carol, Coroana de trandafiri (Crown on roses). Listen to his opinion on this beautiful carol and listen to the song itself starting at 2 hours 44 minutes on BBC iPlayer (the broadcast is available for 5 more days). Angela Gheorghiu performs together with the National Radio Orchestra and the Chamber National Choir Madrigal,  conducted by Tiberiu Soare

Don't forget that the album is available for download on iTunes.

Here's the fragment from the BBC Radio 3 morning broadcast (press the Play button then give it a few seconds to load)

1 comment:

  1. It is the first time that i listened to a carol song with Mrs Gheorghiu; i am impressed by the high quality level of melodies in Romanian folklore.