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Short interview on La Boheme at Staatsoper Vienna, opening on December 4

La Boheme is opening at Staatsoper Vienna on September 4, followed by two more performances on September 7 and 11, starring Angela Gheorghiu and Vittorio Grigolo.

This article is published in the magazine of the Opera House. The text tells us about Angela Gheorghiu and Vittrorio Grigolo's relationship to La Bohème. Both have a special relation to this Puccini opera. Angela describes what Bohème means to her professional life: her examination, her debut at the Royal Opera House. And she tells us how she felt when she was a student, so her life compared to this life of the students in Bohème in these days. She says: you feel happy and merry (like the queen of the world, like you have all the force) although you have few money. And Grigolo agrees: he felt the same when he was a student. 
Later on Angela says, in her eyes Mimi isn't such a naive girl as it seems, she is more similar to Musetta. Mimi knows that there are four young single men living next to her. She loves the role of Mimi. They ask Grigolo if he feels more pity for Rodolfo or for Mimi, for both he says. Both singers are asked for their highlights of the opera: the third act, and for Angela also the second because of the merry atmosphere and for Grigolo the final - at the end, the entire opera.

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