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"Striking experience", says Gramophone

Jon Tolansky published a very well documented review of the CD in Gramophone Magazine yesterday. According to what he wrote, listening to this CD is a striking experience.

[…] One of this artist’s abundant great qualities is the bountiful harvest of varying colours and characterisation her voice expresses in differing poetic, dramatic and psychological situations, and here she infuses these vibrant and often poignant traditional carols with an individualistic folk-like timbre and pointed rhythmic animation that arises from her inner identification and lifelong familiarity with this music of her heritage. […]

Read the entire review on Gramophone and don't forget that the CD is available for download on iTunes.

Not only that the CD was reviewed in Gramophone, but the news spread in all the Romanian press over the night. All the newspapers mentioned this, considering it a big accomplishment.
and so on

I'm very happy and proud!

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  1. Well, let us hope that the CD is available also in shops all over Europe. I would like to buy it