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On Adriana Lecouverur in Vienna and future plans in an interview Angela Gheorghiu gave for

Interviewer: And what would you ask CILEA to his "Adriana"?
Angela Gheorghiu (laughing): I would only thank him for his music and this role. If he was then in a good mood, I would say: you have written so beautiful arias and created a strong woman. Why must she die? Adriana deserved to survive and to be happy.

Interviewer: Future plans?
Angela Gheorghiu: Sure. A Norma would be nice. I have many plans for Vienna. Someday I'd like to record the Desdemona on CD or DVD. In top-ranked players. But this is not easy. It is difficult to find a good Otello. Plácido Domingo is no longer available.

Interviewer: But he could conduct...
Angela Gheorghiu: Good idea! But give me an Otello! Then I do it immediately. I must ask Jonas Kaufmann… […]

The entire interview can be read online

As Jonas declared in a recent interview that he'll do Otello in less than two years, there are high chances the project materialize. On CD and (hopefully) on stage.

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