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Nominee in the Gramophone Hall of Fame 2014

Time to cast your votes! Angela Gheorghiu is nominated to enter the Gramophone Hall of Fame!
The entrants will be announced in the June issue of Gramophone Magazine.

Gramophone Hall of Fame celebrates the men and women who have contributed to classical music’s riches. Each year they publish a list of artists to be included in the Hall of Fame. The audience has the chance to vote their singer/conductor/instrumentalist/producer/engineer and record executive. 

According to the regulations, to vote, select five nominees by ticking the boxes next to their names. 

You can spread your votes across the different categories available as you wish. For example, you could vote for five singers, or two producers and three string players.

Attention! You may only vote once!

To start, go to this PAGE. Then follow the instructions. To ease you're search, try the "soprano" section.

Not that I want to influence anyone…but this is what you have to do :)

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