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PHOTOS from the concert in Baden, February 2014

Found these photos following a link from Twitter to Flickr. They're all lovely so I thought to share them. They were taken during the concert in Baden Baden on February 28, 2014. Angela Gheorghiu performed there together with Zoran Todorovich.

All photos: medicaloperagirl on Flickr. Check out the page as there are many other photos from the event (you might need to sigh in using your Yahoo account)

With conductor Ivan Repušić

With Zoran Todorovich and Ivan Repušić


  1. Irina, the Baden-Baden opera still mentions Angela as Marguerite for Faust, three weeks after her odd withdrawal notice from her Facebook. Does this mean she reconsidered her cancellation and reached a better deal with B-B? Or are they simply slow to update the site? Thanks, MarK

  2. Dear Mark, my best piece of advice would be to wait until each event is confirmed on Angela's official website. Otherwise, there could be misunderstandings. All the best!