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Something I like. Benjamin Zander on the power of classical music

TED talks are very inspirational. I've been watching them along the years. Thought of sharing one of them. If you like it, there are hundreds of others on

The conductor Benjamin Zander talked about the power of classical music back in 2008. He said there are two categories of people, those who say that classical music is dying and those who say we haven't seen anything yet. I'm in the second group :) By going to a performance with an open mind one wishes to discover something new, that small detail that would make the difference from the previous performance, to be amazed, to be involved in the beauty of music.

It's very interesting his Chopin experiment. He says that our mood in the venue is determined by the attitude and involvement of the artist in the same amount as our knowledge of that particular piece of music. "It's not about you, it's about us". Then you need a global vision of the piece, from A to Z. Don't follow the notes, follow the feeling, make it your own, you'll get inside the music and your thought won't fly away anymore. Music means what each of us want it to mean.

Bottom line, what's all about? It's about the shining eyes at the end of a performance. Shining eyes are the measure of success for artists, as they never lie and express a thousand and one emotions impossible to put into words.

Get a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Click on the subtitles section in the low right corner of the video. There are subtitles in 43 languages.

Have a great weekend!

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