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Adriana Lecouvreur in Paris, curtain call VIDEO, July 3

Adriana Lecouvreur in Paris was so beautiful. I had high hopes, I left totally satisfied. Can't tell how much I missed Angela's voice! As usually, the performance ended too soon. Maybe because I know every note of it and enjoy every sound so much that sometimes I forget to breathe.

Angela Gheorghiu   Adriana Lecouvreur
Marcelo Alvarez   Maurizio
Wojtek Smilek   Il Principe di Bouillon
Raúl Giménez   L’Abate di Chazeuil
Alessandro Corbelli   Michonnet
Alexandre Duhamel   Quinault
Carlo Bosi   Poisson
Luciana D’intino   La Principessa di Bouillon
Mariangela Sicilia   Madamigella Jouvenot
Carol Garcia   Madamigella Dangeville

Paris Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Daniel Oren Conductor


This time I couldn't take photos. Blame the shaky hands :)

This video from the curtain call is my memory of this performance. Enjoy

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